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Premium Ingredients? Say what!?

You may have noticed, via our website and social media channels, we boast about our product having “6 Premium Ingredients” a lot; but what does this even mean?

SkullCandyEnergy’s range of 6 premium ingredients are used in addition to the plethora of other ingredients. Taken from patented sources, that have been extensively tested and reviewed by third party laboratories to ensure quality and claims by the manufacturer are 100% true.

This gives users peace of mind, knowing they are using the only the best of the available versions of each ingredient included in our extensive formula.

These ingredients are then combined at the exact dosages recommended for optimum performance and uptake.

This Blog, over the coming months, will feature each of the 6 premium ingredients included in our Focus & Energy Drink, as well as other added ingredients we feel make the product that little more special. We aim to break down what makes each of these 6 so special, as well as why we specifically chose them for our ingredient profile. Stay tuned for the first in our blog series: “Why Dynamine?” - We will be breaking down all of the benefits of the first of our 6 premium ingredients. Subscribe to be updated when our next post is released.

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